The MUSAD | Muğla Sağlık Çalışanları Derneği Challenge

Mugla, Turkey

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Up to the Challenge?

Penne for your thoughts? MUSAD supports the pasta industry in Turkey in many different ways.

Try some authentic Turkish pasta during your stay in Mugla and send us a photo of it to complete this social good activity. You're tortellini awesome!

Okay, we'll stop now.


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Participant location: Participant location: Mugla, Turkey
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MUSAD | Muğla Sağlık Çalışanları Derneği

Pasta Pasta industry to the development of Turkey and Turkish contributes to the enhancement of the image,
To increase the quality and yield of Turkish durum wheat,
To conduct research and development activities,
To produce solutions to problems and to work towards increasing quality and reliability,
To follow the international quality standards and make efforts to put into practice in our country, to help the sector reach a higher level,
Gathering the industrialists and raw material producers, who are representatives of the pasta industry, under one roof, to develop professional solidarity, cooperation and cooperation among them, to exchange information,
To help pasta industrialists to gain information by communicating with end consumers, to recognize and use the products, to raise awareness of producers and consumers,
To contribute to the development and development of national food, beverage, nutrition and health policies.


Muslihittin Mahallesi, Cemal Karamuğla Sk. No:90, 48000 Muğla Merkez/Muğla, Turkey

The MUSAD | Muğla Sağlık Çalışanları Derneği Challenge

Mugla, Turkey