The Doctors of the World Challenge

Athens, Greece

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Do this social good action to earn rewards. As a bonus, we will make a donation to a local nonprofit on your behalf when you complete it!

Up to the Challenge?

Organize a donation drive in your local neighborhood. Encourage your neighbors to collect items such as food (pasta, pulses, rice, olive oil, tomato juice, coffee, sugar), stationery (kitchen towels, toilet paper, and napkins), bags (waste large (classic size) and small), and cleaning and disinfection products. Drop the collection at the Doctors of the World office. Document the donation drive by recording it in a video and sending it to us!


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Rules & Eligibility

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Participant location: Participant location: Athens, Greece
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Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World / Médecins du Monde – Greece (MdM-Greece), founded in 1990, is a medical humanitarian non-governmental organization and is a member of Médecins Du Monde International which consists of 16 delegations (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Turkey, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America).

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Doctors of the World, Sapfous 12, Athina 105 53 Greece

The Doctors of the World Challenge

Athens, Greece